A Man With a Passion for the Natural World


David Wimpfheimer is a naturalist and a biologist with a passion for the birds and natural history of the West.  During his twenty years of expeditions, he has imparted much knowledge from his own studies and shared a great deal about all aspects of nature.  In addition to local classes for the California Academy of Sciences, Marin Agricultural Land Trust and the Point Reyes Field Seminars, he has led numerous tours throughout California. He has also led tours  to Mexico, Scotland, Spain, Alaska, and  Arizona. He has been the naturalist for groups including the Smithsonian Institution, Wild Wings, and Road Scholar. 

Although the majority of David’s field trips are geared toward teaching and interpreting the language of the avian world, he is just as experienced teaching the rich diversity of the natural world.  From whale watching expeditions to wildflower forays, he will make every visit to the natural world memorable and enjoyable.