Fall Migration Immersion

Point Reyes Fall

Migration Immersion

September 24 & 25, 2019

This special class on bird migration will provide a unique opportunity to study and appreciate the Point Reyes Headlands and their avian inhabitants. Whether through cypress groves and willow thickets or around ranch ponds,marsh and other wetland habitat, exploring Point Reyes on weekdays allows us to sample these unique landscapes without many other visitors. Accommodations at the historic Lifeboat Station are included.

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Birds of the Delta

A Natural History Cruise

February 2020


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Come aboard for a wonderful day exploring the rich habitats of the California Delta system. Our trip will begin in Antioch and we’ll cruise the meandering tidal channels in comfort aboard the River Dolphin with their its viewing platform.  Shorebirds, raptors and thousands of waterfowl, such as Tundra Swans, Snow Geese, White-fronted Geese, numerous ducks and stately Sandhill Cranes that spend the winter in the Delta are birds that will be in the air most of the day. In previous years, participants have sighted six or more species of raptors in, including harriers, kites and Peregrine Falcon. Enjoy a specialized look at the rich natural and human history of the California Delta at a time of year when bird life is abundant.

Birding 202

March 16, 2019

sponsored by Point Reyes Field Institute

This class will help participants improve identification skills by sight and sound. We will explore varied habitats in Point Reyes National Seashore and adjacent areas.

Spring Migration at Point Reyes

April 12, 2019

sponsored by Point Reyes Field Institute

By mid-April, almost all of the migratory nesting birds have returned to the Point Reyes Peninsula. This class will explore Bear Valley, Drakes Estero, the Giacomini wetlands, and other habitats to observe them. Identification of raptors, flycatchers, warblers, woodpeckers, and other species by sight and sounds will be a major focus.

Point Reyes Birding and Nature Festival

April 26 - 28, 2019

Over fifty field trips and presentations led by some of the most knowledgeable naturalists and biologists in the Bay Area. I will be leading five field trips.


Alberta Birding Tour

June 25 - July 7, 2019

sponsored by Paradise Birding

We first explored Alberta’s Boreal forest in 2000, when we found 20 warbler species—with males aggressively defending territories in their full breeding colors—and we knew we had stumbled on something spectacular. Watching these gorgeous songbirds exhibiting breeding behavior in their breeding habitats gave us a special connection to these northern forests of North America. Since then, Alberta has become one of our favorite destinations anywhere, partly because of the warblers, and partly because of all the other natural treasures we’ve discovered. Now, we combine the Boreal forest with Jasper’s magnificent northern Rockies, timed for the peak of nesting season, for a world-class birding vacation that will take your breath away.

Southeastern Arizona Birding Tour

August 6 - 16, 2019

Sponsored by Paradise Birding

Arizona in August?! You bet! For the magic of the monsoon season, we invite you to the “sky islands” of Southeastern Arizona, which peer down upon the Sonoran Desert floor with an air of majesty and wonder. From the saguaro forests below to the pine forests above, the birding in and around these desert oases is nothing short of awesome. 
Join us for a special exploration of the desert and mountians as we experience some of the best birding on the continent. Our August itinerary places us in Southeast Arizona at the peak of monsoon season, when daily thundershowers fuel new growth in this parched environment, and breeding birds from Mexico’s Sierra Madre drift northward to feast among the “second spring” bloom. The highlight of the season is the abundance of hummingbirds—hundreds of individuals of up to 13 species—that dart between feeding stations and native blossoms throughout the region. But the hummers are only the beginning. From flycatchers and warblers to trogons and tanagers this is a dynamic area. After one experience in the Arizona monsoon, you will understand why we return again and again to the hot desert sun.

Bodega Bay Birding

September, 2019

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Sponsored by Point Reyes Field Institute

 Bodega Bay and nearby habitats are one of the most popular birding sites in the Bay Area. The tidal mudflats here are habitat for an excellent variety of godwits, smaller sandpipers, plovers and other species. Shorebirds will be the main focus of the day, but we will also enjoy the great variety of loons, grebes, ducks, raptors and land birds.

Fall Migration Immersion at the Point

Fall 2019 check back for the date

Sponsored by Point Reyes Field Institute

This special class on bird migration will take place at the Point Reyes Headlands and other sites in the National Seashore. On the first day, a series of short walks may take us to the Lighthouse, the Chimney Rock area, and Drakes Beach. Depending on weather patterns, many migrant warblers, sparrows, flycatchers, and other passerines concentrate in the cypress groves and willow thickets in this part of the National Seashore. Ranch ponds and marsh habitat can hold shorebirds, while scoters, loons, grebes and other water birds rest on Drakes Bay. Exploring Point Reyes on weekdays allows us to sample these unique landscapes without many other visitors. We will spend the night in this dramatic setting and watch a digital presentation on the birds of Point Reyes. Tuesday morning could find us visiting some of the same locations, however, we may also take a walk at Abbots Lagoon or another wetland area. The variety of sandpipers, ducks, terns, and other water birds can be dramatic. Many raptors migrate through this rich area as well at this season. Expect to take several hikes throughout the weekend. Accommodations included at the Historic Lifeboat Station.

Hamilton Field Wetlands Birding

Fall 2019 check back for the date

Sponsored by Point Reyes Field Institute

This tidal marsh adjacent to San Francisco Bay it is an especially good habitat for viewing large numbers of migrant and resident shorebirds. Nesting avocets and stilts share the area with migratory godwits, peeps and plovers. Some species here are different from the coastal areas visited previously. Although the focus will be on the identification of shorebirds, we will not ignore the herons, terns, raptors and other birds here. Other nearby sites may be visited as well.

Hidden Habitats of East Marin

Fall 2019 check back for the date

Sponsored by Point Reyes Field Institute

 Many people enjoy birds at Limantour Beach, Drakes Estero and other west Marin sites.  However, there are many less publicized, hidden bird habitats in the eastern part of the county. This class will visit several of them including Bel Marin Keys, Pickleweed Marsh and the newly restored Hamilton Wetlands, focusing on bird identification and distribution.







Winter Birds of Tomales Bay

Sunday, January 12, 2020

9:00am to 4:00pm

Sponsored by Point Reyes Field Institute

Tomales Bay is an important wintering area for thousands of loons, grebes, ducks and other waterbirds. The tidal flats, marshes, rocky shores, and beaches provide diverse feeding areas for raptors, shorebirds and waders. We’ll focus on bird identification and behavior during short and easy walks. Our class begins at the bakery in Tomales and then goes to the mouth of the bay, a dramatic ecosystem. After returning to Tomales we visit habitats along the east shore of the bay, including Cypress Grove Preserve, a research center of Aububon Canyon Ranch, which protects nearly 500 acres of important and diverse lands. The class will end with an overlook of the Giacomini wetlands, one of the largest wetland restoration projects on the California coast and a joint effort of the Point Reyes National Seashore Association and the National Park Service.


Birding 101

Saturday, January 20, 2019
9:00 am to 3:00 pm

sponsored by Point Reyes Field Institute

This class covers the basics of field identification of. birds as well as insights into the use of binoculars, scopes, and field guides. Birding is one of the most popular pastimes in the country.  Come discover why. Enjoy the incredible bird diversity of Point Reyes National Seashore. Coastal estuaries such as Tomales Bay and Bolinas Lagoon are rich feeding areas for huge numbers of waterbirds, raptors and other land birds.